Remembrance Day

Nov 10, 2019

Our scouts George, Matthew and Sam attended the Remembrance service at Bewcastle Church today.     [ Read more ... ]

Pudding Night

Nov 10, 2019

Pudding night was fantastic and saw our school hall filled with approximately 90 people and nearly the same number of puddings! It has sent our ...   [ Read more ... ]

Tea Towels

Nov 5, 2019

Tea towels now on sale priced at £5 as part of making £5 grow.      [ Read more ... ]

Community Lunch

Nov 4, 2019

Community lunch Wednesday 20th November. Chicken dinner then apple crumble. £5.50. Open to everyone. Numbers needed by 14th November so let ...   [ Read more ... ]

Walton's window walk

Nov 2, 2019

A few of us had a lovely afternoon at the Walton's Windows workshop. The event takes place 9th-16th November and looks like it's going to be ...   [ Read more ... ]

This week, the children in years 4,5 and 6 have been learning about the cause and effect of plastic pollution and how it effects our environment. In Maths, they have been working on calculations using fractions, completing additions, subtractions and multiplications.