Summer treat day!

Jun 29, 2018

This year, we went to Pizza Express for a pizza party! We made our own margarita pizzas in the morning which was great fun. The chef showed us exactly what to do and we all had our own dough to make our pizza. They all looked a bit different depending on the shape, how much sauce we used a how we arranged the cheese. One thing was the same about our pizza….they all tasted DELICIOUS! When we left, Pizza Express told our parents and teachers that we were very well behaved and they should be very proud of us! On our way to the Sands Centre to see Gangsta Granny, we had time to pop into the library. We looked at a range of books and read to each other. We asked the librarians if someone would like to visit our school to tell us more about the summer reading challenge. We are looking forward to their visit on 17th July.

The live performance of Gangsta Granny was fantastic. There were funny parts, happy parts and even sad parts, but we all enjoyed it. Thank you to our PTA for paying for the bus for our summer trip.