Christmas Stars! (The Xmas Factor!)

Dec 13, 2017

The whole school worked extremely hard to perform two showings of our Christmas production ‘Christmas Stars! (The Xmas Factor!)’.

Two angels – Reub (Jack year4) and Ish (Lola year 6) took the audience back in time to the first nativity. They narrated a comical story which got lots of laughs whilst presenting the key characters with important messages from the Christmas story. God (Isaac year6) held auditions for the key parts, which gave us singing solos from Herod, Joseph (Alexander year 6) and the angels (Abbie and Jessica year 2). Joseph worked hard with his carpenter friends, before finding out the exciting news that Mary had been visited by an angel, who told her that she had been chosen to have a special baby. They travelled a long way to Bethlehem and called on the help of several inn keepers. Final, one kind and helpful inn keeper (Tom year 6), gave them a stable which was warm and dry.

Herod felt that he should be the King of Kings, but he discovered from the wise men, that a baby was to become the king.

We performed our production in our large school hall which was filled with a great audience, laughter, as well as poignant moments as the story unfolded.