Dig, dig dig in the Spring term 2017

Dec 28, 2016

New Topic – Spring Term 2016- What we are hoping to find out?

Our new topic is ‘Mines and Caves’

We are hoping to learn how mines and caves are formed, how big they get and what minerals, jewels and ores can be found there. Are they found somewhere special in the world? We want to know if caves cave in and where Uranium gets its radiation from. We are wondering how many mines there are in the world, when the first mine track was made and when was the first Cave formed. Then, we want to know if there are any famous caves, what they are famous for and who went into mines first. What happens when you go mining? Did mines ever get blown up? Last questions are how old did you have to be to go down a mine, how deep can a miner go without dying? Have any animals been down mines?