Bright Stars Update

Jan 17, 2020

As a whole school, we have worked on pulling our ideas together from our initial meetings with Cumbria Waste Group. From the many ideas that we had, we have decided to make different crafts using recycled materials to link with our sponsor company; Cumbria Waste Group. We are going to hold a craft fair in our local community and visit our local WI meeting to sell our crafts. We will also ask the lady who runs a local tea room if we can sell items in there. We are also planning on running a pizza and pasta night at our school. This has come from an event idea before Christmas, when a pudding night was held at school. We learn the language Italian at our school, so we thought we could extend our learning by holding a pizza and pasta night. We are also going to have a school meal out to Franco’s in Carlisle, to carry out some market research on different types of pasta and different pizza toppings. We will also be holding a community craft session to recruit help with making our crafts.

We have come up with our business name of ‘The 3PS’. This stands for Pizza, Pom Poms and Pasta (Pom Poms is to link with craft making). We have created a logo for our business and have also created a balance sheet to show money in and money out clearly. Both events have posters ready to go out to advertise them. We used different computer programmes for this and for our craft research.

We have ‘Bright Stars’ after school club and a separate craft club and we have started gathering items to make our crafts. We have had to think carefully about how to make these safe by cleaning the items thoroughly and adding tape to the tops of aluminium cans, to make sure people do not cut themselves on the cans.

Our business plan is almost complete and we will be finalising that by the end of this week. We will also be preparing menus for pizza and pasta night.    

We have chosen the charity Hospice at Home to share our profit with. Before Christmas, we took art in a project called ‘Making £5 Grow’ and money raised from this went to Hospice at Home. We would like to keep up our link with this charity.


We would like our activities this week to be considered for the following prize categories:

  • Best example of teamwork and leadership
  • Best application of technology


We would like our activities this week to be considered for the above prize categories because...

We have split our board of directors for focus on different jobs that needed to be done. We took poster ideas from the whole school and worked with Heather and Amy from Cumbria Waste to set up a balance sheet, make posters and our company logo using different computer programmes. The chair has been proactive in organising tasks and getting initial drafts to the board and adults in school for checking.