Lucky Squares

Nov 29, 2019

Thank you to everyone who bought squares off Jack, Abbie & Jessica for their Grow £5 Challenge. We made the draw today at school with ...   [ Read more ... ]

Beamish trip

Nov 22, 2019

We are well and truly in the Christmas spirit after today! We've had a fantastic trip to Beamish to learn more about the Victorian Era. Our ...   [ Read more ... ]

Games afternoon

Nov 15, 2019

Games afternoon was good fun and serious at times! The children have brought their beetle drive sheets home to teach you how to play! Enjoy. ...   [ Read more ... ]

Walton's window walk

Nov 14, 2019

We had a lovely afternoon in the community doing Walton's window walk. We popped into the church to observe some of the features and look in more ...   [ Read more ... ]

Stick Man

Nov 12, 2019

The children in the infant class and their friends from toddler group, thoroughly enjoyed a fantastic performance of The Stick Man today at The ...   [ Read more ... ]

This week, the children in years 4,5 and 6 have been learning about the cause and effect of plastic pollution and how it effects our environment. In Maths, they have been working on calculations using fractions, completing additions, subtractions and multiplications.