Pupil Premium

The pupil premium funding in the last financial year (year ending 31st March 2015) was £2600.00

Pupil premium is additional funding given to school for 'disadvantaged' children.

A report published in May 2012 by Durham University, commissioned by the Sutton Trust advises schools on how this money should be spent. They state that "simply spending money on children from less affluent backgrounds will not necessarily improve their learning or aspirations. There is no direct link between spending on schools and outcomes for pupils. Extensive research in this area shows that it is a complex issue, indicating that the way the money is spent is crucial". They stated that their "solution to the challenge of linking spending with learning is to focus on what the evidence indicates is effective in promoting teaching and learning".

They found that effective measures included;

  1. Early intervention
  2. One-to-one tutoring
  3. Effective feedback
  4. Peer tutoring (collaborative learning)

Here at Lees Hill CE Primary School we pride ourselves on providing effective, prompt feedback to all our pupils, and paying specific attention to each child's needs. Pupil Premium money is allocated to identifying needs where early intervention, one to one and small group tutoring are most beneficial. Together we aim to ensure best progress and academic achievement for all our children.